ZOOM groups

What’s a ZOOM group?

ZOOM is a video conferencing platform that enables people to share space in live video online together (like FaceTime). ZOOM Groups use ZOOM as an alternate way to connect with Manifesters who care during this season of social distancing.

If you’re living in the Calgary area and are looking for connection and community in this difficult time,  we’d love to help you make that happen. If you’re intimidated by the technology aspect of this connection point, don’t worry—we’d love to walk you through how it works, step by step.

There are two ways we can help you connect via ZOOM.

  1. ZOOMing into another group. Even if groups are meeting in-person, you can join in via video. We’ll walk you through how this can work.
  2. Starting a new ZOOM-only group. If several people request a ZOOM group, we will start one and invite you into it. If you’re interested, please fill out this quick form so we can help you get connected.


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