No matter what you’ve been through or what mistakes you’ve made, you can live with radical purpose, courage, and joy. The Bible says, “Those who receive God’s abundant provision of grace and of the gift of righteousness reign in life through… Jesus Christ!” ~ Romans 5:17. That’s God’s will for you, and we can help you get there. It’s this simple:

  1. Fill out a personal Life Assessment to figure out which issues in your life need the most attention 
  2. Pick one of five Win@Life Tracks to explore the issues you identify in your assessment
  3. Start your journey towards winning at life

Let’s go deeper. First…

Fill out a private Life Assessment. In just a few minutes, you’ll self-evaluate four crucial areas in your life:

Your struggles. Maybe you’re stuck in life, wrestling with personal problems, or difficult circumstances. We help people overcome what’s holding them back from joy. You can be next!

Your relationships. We all need healthy relationships to thrive. We’ll help you revitalize the relationships you have and connect you with other people on the same journey.

Your relationship with God. Do you want to experience more of God and his power in your life? We’ll help you start a supernatural relationship with God through Jesus that will last forever.

Your purpose. Discover your destiny within God’s big story! We’ll help you become a world-changer where you live, work, and play and offer amazing ways to get involved in the Manifest mission.

If you’ve put your faith in Jesus as your Lord and Savior, get the Believer Version of the Assessment HERE.
If you’re seeking truth and aren’t sure where you stand with God, you can get the Explorer Version of the Assessment HERE.

Physical copies are also available at our Welcome Centre.


Pick one of our five win@life tracks to explore! Tracks are collections of practical resources, experiences, and activities that will help you live life to the full through discovering more of Jesus.


The Explore Jesus Track helps you explore important questions as you consider a life of faith. Who was Jesus? Why did he die on a cross? Why do people say he forgives, saves, and changes lives? Who did he claim to be and what did he do to prove it?




The Faith Foundation Track helps you learn how to listen to God, how to pray and develop intimacy with God, how to study the Bible, how the gospel of Jesus informs and empowers absolutely everything in life, what your new identity in Christ is all about and more!



The Relationships Track helps you revitalize the your relationships and grow genuine community with others on the same journey. Learn how to set boundaries and choose love over fear, how to love and parent well, and how to forge genuine community as part of God’s family.



The Breakthrough Track helps you experience true freedom! If you find yourself stuck in a bad habit or addiction, unhealthy thinking patterns, demonic oppression, or a painful life event that’s shaped you, learn how God sets us free through Christ. You can also receive inner healing through our Breakthrough Sessions.



The World-Changer Track helps you become a world-changer. You’ll learn how to share the gospel, lead someone to Christ, and establish new believers in the faith. You’ll learn how to hear God’s voice, share his messages for others, pray for the sick to see supernatural healing and how to join the Manifest mission for eternal impact.


You don’t have to drift through life without a growing sense of purpose, courage, and joy. And you don’t have to do it alone. A new chapter in your life is waiting to be written.

Plan your visit to Manifest today.

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