Are you walking through a tough season in your life? What if all the peace, joy, strength, and blessings you need are within your reach? What if you could learn to access them every single day?

Want to follow up on these concepts? Here are some great ideas flowing from the message:

1. Meet the River. The river is the presence and goodness of God, and we can come to God through faith in Jesus Christ. Here are some practical resources that will point you to him:…

2. Find the River. You can find the river in your life by declaring it by faith. Whatever you’re going through this week, say, “I may be _____________, but there is a river, the presence and goodness of God flowing through my life.”

3. Restore what you had. If you used to experience more of God’s presence, friendship, peace, and joy, you’re probably not doing what you used to do in order to experience that kind of intimacy. Did you spend more time talking to him? Listening? Studying the Bible? Confessing sin? Going to church? Do what you used to do to get back what you used to have.

4. Go deeper than ever before. God fills what we give him, so if you want more of him, you need to surrender more of yourself to him and take steps of faith you haven’t taken before. Is it more expressive worship? Sharing your faith? Forgiving someone who’s hurt you? Setting aside more time for him? If you want something you’ve never had, you need to do something you’ve never done.