The Relationship Track

It’s difficult to live life to the fullest if your relationships are unhealthy or nonexistent. Manifest’s Relationship Track is designed to help you do two things:

  1. Revitalize the relationships you already have, and…
  2. Connect you with people on the same journey for mutual encouragement, learning, and support.

This page will give you practical things to do, read, watch, and try as you work on or develop your relationships. Take these concrete steps of faith as a way of life and this track will get you started.

We also want to remind you: Having family and friends is not the same as enjoying a an empowering faith community that learns, prays, eats, celebrates, and does life together. Faith in Christ means you were born into his Family. It’s time to explore what that means.

Are you struggling to make the time for community? Have you been hurt by people and find it hard to trust? Maybe you think you’re doing just fine without it. This video will help:

Make connections and invest in community

For an overview Manifest’s connection points, CLICK HERE. You can access specific connection points from the dropdown menu above.

Keep Your Love On

This six week video series based on Danny Silk’s book will help you take responsibility for your relationships, set healthy boundaries, improve your communication skills, and more! Click this link to get started:

Keep Your Love On (Based on the book by Danny Silk)

Books to Read


Randy Frazee explores how to step out of the madness of busyness into a life of meaning and community as a part of a family of faith.




Gary Chapman unpacks how to become better at loving others by learning how to love them the unique way they are designed to be loved.




Dr. Tim Kimmel lays a foundation for parenting that empowers us to raise kids that live with courage, love, strong faith, and honour.




Danny Silk helps us understand how to set healthy boundaries and become powerful people who choose to love no matter what.



Would you recommend other great resources for our relationship track? Contact us here and let us know:

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