The Breakthrough Track

If you’re struggling with a personal issue that you can’t seem to overcome, you’re not alone and there is hope. Jesus can heal your hurts, release you from addictions, and set you free to live with purpose, courage, and joy.

This page will give you practical things to do, read, watch, and try as you journey into freedom. Take these concrete steps of faith as a way of life and this track will get you started.

Come for prayer on Sunday Morning

Caring people are available to pray with you each Sunday after the service. Just make your way to the cluster of chairs at the back of the gym and someone will help you.

Schedule A Breakthrough Session

Breakthrough sessions are private, confidential prayer times with people trained to help you bring your issues to Jesus for inner healing. Typical sessions take about an hour and a half. We’ve seen many breathtaking breakthroughs in people’s lives over the years and your story could be next! If you’d like to inquire about Breakthrough Ministry, send us a confidential message below.


Get Out and Stay Out

This four week video series unveils how to live free of sins that enslave you, how to trust God through your struggles, the importance of community in our freedom journey, and more. Link: Get Out And Stay Out



This paradigm-shifting three week series unpacks how to build the kind of faith that can persevere through hardship and experience breakthroughs, how to fix our eyes on Jesus amidst our pain, and four dangerous ideas about suffering we need to ditch in order to thrive during our difficult seasons. Link: Persevere


This powerful four week video series unpacks how Jesus frees us from bondage, how to live a better story, what God wants from us in the process, and how Jesus heals our brokenness when we let him. Link: Stuck?



Do you have any suggestions for additional resources to add to our Breakthrough Track? Contact us to let us know: 

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