Personal Life Assessment

Do you want to live with courage, purpose, and joy?


Fill out our FREE and private Life Assessment! In just a few minutes, you’ll self-evaluate four crucial areas in your life:

Your struggles. Maybe you’re stuck in life, wrestling with personal problems, or difficult circumstances. Identify the areas that need your attention most!

Your relationships. We all need healthy relationships to thrive. Evaluate the relationships in your life to discover which ones need your TLC!

Your relationship with God. Do you want to experience more of God and his power in your life? Are you exploring spirituality? Learn what to focus on next in your spiritual journey.

Your purpose. We believe you were designed with a mission in mind. Evaluate the impact you’re currently making in the world and discover what you can do to grow as a world-changer.

Please choose the Life Assessment most appropriate for you:


  • If you’ve put your faith in Jesus as your Lord and Savior, try the BELIEVER VERSION.
  • If you’re exploring spirituality or aren’t sure where you stand with God, try the EXPLORER VERSION. 

Have fun!

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