Personal Life Assessment: Believer Version

Life Assessment, Believer Version

This simple Life Assessment will help you identify crucial areas in your life that need your attention for you to live with courage, purpose, and joy.

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  • Picture it now… You wake up tomorrow morning, and a miracle has occurred! You're living life to the full, free of the inward struggles and weaknesses that were holding you back from a life of purpose, courage and joy. You’re motivated, passionate, and excited to get up each day to do what you’re born to do as part of God’s larger story, a kingdom that’s changing the world. You’re regularly taking exciting risks to conquer your fears, step out in faith, and make the world a better place for the people all around you. Regardless of your circumstances, you overflow with peace, confidence, and gratitude in Christ You’re enjoying deep and growing relationships—first of all with Jesus, then friends and family. For this miracle to unfold, you're going to have to take personal responsibility for the areas in your life that are holding you back. Are you ready to get started?
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