Manifest Mornings (Sunday Services)

Manifest’s Sunday Morning gatherings are called Manifest Mornings. They are larger, social gatherings where you can mingle with people over casual conversations and a cup of coffee at your own pace. They’re a great place to start if you’re looking for connection—kind of like a link to more personal relationships if you’d like to build them.

Think of Manifest Mornings like interactive workshops, where you can work on your life while God works on you!

We meet at Nose Creek School (135 Covepark Square) on from 10:30am-11:45am. You’re going to love it!

Do you have kids?

We offer a great Kid’s Program (Manifest Kids) during the service. Sign in at our Kid’s Table when you arrive and we’ll get you and your kids where they need to go. If you’d rather your kids join you in the gym, that’s cool with us. But if you’re comfortable…

  • If you have a baby, you can either cuddle them during the service or enjoy the service from our nursery area.
  • Children ages 18 months through age four can spend the whole service in an adult supervised play room where they’ll sing songs, learn simple Bible truths, and have fun to their heart’s content.
  • Kids in Kindergarten through Grade Five join us in the gym for the singing part of the morning and are guided upstairs for the rest of the morning.

Check out Manifest this weekend!

If you’d like the VIP treatment, confirm your visit below:

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