Life Groups

Life Groups are smaller groups of Manifesters that are like extended families for our life journeys. The purpose of Life Groups is to provide a community of support, learning, and serving as we become fully devoted followers of Christ together. Kids are always welcome but that’s up to you.

During the Covid Crisis, we’ve pared down our Life Group options. How we meet, when we meet, and what that looks like is changing as our societies’ response to the virus evolves. That said, meaningful connection is essential for our emotional and spiritual survival. Right now three amazing Lead Families are exploring ways to connect and build community during this crisis, which so far has involved a combination of socially-distanced in person meetings and ZOOM meetings.

Fill out this quick form if you’d like to explore any of these options. We want to help you connect with a circle of people who can support and encourage you!

Brad & Shauna Huebert: Wednesday evenings in Northern Hills in Calgary

Eric & Chelsey Schubert, Thursday evenings in Airdrie

Stephen & Carlin Anquist, exploring options in NW Calgary

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