Father’s Day Supercut Video

Hey friends! Together, YOU will be the message for our Father’s Day Manifest LIVE!  

Remember our fantastically awesome Mother’s Day Montage video? We’re doing another one, this time for Dads for Father’s Day, and we need YOU to be part of it. This is open to Manifesters of any age, including people who have been joining us online during the Covid crisis.

The whole video will be about 25 minutes. Here are the questions we’ll be asking: 

  1. What is/was your favourite thing about your dad?
  2. What most drove you crazy about your dad growing up?
  3. What is the most meaningful thing your dad has ever done for you?
  4. Did you have any other father figures in your life? What did they do for you?
  5. What has your dad taught you about Jesus, either by word or example?
  6. How has your dad helped you become the person you are today?
  7. What advice would you give to young dads?

Some tips for your video: 

  • Shoot the entire thing as one video. Don’t worry about editing between answers, your clips will be edited for shortness (and humour), and we may not be able to use all the clips you submit depending on how many people participate.
  • Shoot your video on your phone in 1080p, landscape mode (that’s holding your phone sideways).
  • Speak clearly, in good lighting, close up, with as little background noise as possible.
  • Pause briefly, looking at the camera, before you speak and after you’re done. 
  • Keep your answers as BRIEF as you can (45 seconds or less per answer, 1-2 liners are fine, especially for kids)
  • Start each answer by speaking the question you are answering, then pause, then answer.
  • If you can’t answer all the questions, that’s okay. Focus on the ones you can answer! 

Deadline for submissions is June 17th, and you can send them to me via https://wetransfer.com.

Thanks everyone! 


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