The Faith Foundations Track

The Faith Foundations Track is designed for people who have put their faith in Jesus to as Lord and Saviour and want to grow in him: “Just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him.”  (Colossians 2:6,7).

This pamphlet will give you practical things to do, read, watch, and try as you build grow roots in Christ. Don’t take a passive approach; take concrete steps of faith as a way of life, and this track will get you started.

Even if you’ve been a follower of Jesus awhile, we recommend working through these materials to refresh and reinforce the foundation you’ve already been building.

Please don’t do this alone! We’re available to support you however we can. Email us at 

Get Baptized

Baptism is a believer’s first step of faith—a personal and public identification with Jesus’ death and resurrection. Email us @ for more info, or just get baptized the next time we set up the tank on a Sunday morning. Watch this short video explaining the meaning of baptism:

Learn the Basics of Bible Study

This video series will help you understand how to study the Bible like a boss: How to Study the Bible.

Here is a FREE one page Bible Study “cheat sheet” to get you started. You’ll receive it via email:[purchase_link id=”2066″ style=”” color=”” text=”Purchase”]

Work through “Now What?”

Now What is a 40 day FREE email course that walks you through the basics of what it means to be a believer in Jesus, how to pray, read the Bible, listen to God, confess your sins, worship God, make a difference in the world, and more. We recommend that every Manifester should take this 40 day journey! Sign up here, confirm your email address, and you’ll receive one email a day for 40 days! Now What Email Course

Watch Good News 101

Watch this simple two part video teaching that unpacks what Jesus Christ accomplished on the cross, how it can transform our daily lives, and how to share that good news with others.

Attend a Story of God Study

This 9 week study experience unpacks the whole story of the Bible, unveiling who God is, why Jesus had to die, and what it means for us today. This course is offered each February. Email us at to register for the next round.

Take in “Two of You.”

Walk through this powerful and practical two-part video series that will help you grasp your new identity in Christ and how to live from your new self, leaving the old self behind.

Books to Read: Available at the Welcome Centre or on Amazon

Go With The Flow: A Non-Religious Approach to Your Daily Time With God.

In this simple yet inspiring book written by Brad Huebert, you will learn how to engage with God every day—in a way that harnesses your distractions and frees you to experience Jesus. You’re going to love it!


This book is Pastor Brad Huebert’s inspiring faith story—in the form an allegory of his journey from the soul-crushing weight of religion into freedom in Christ. You can live in grace, peace, joy, and truth in Jesus starting today.

Empty Promises

In this insightful book, Pastor Pete Wilson unpacks the deadly power of allowing competing affections to God in our lives—idols—and how to break free of that power to follow Jesus wholeheartedly. This book is highly recommended! 

The Purpose-Driven Life

In his landmark book, Pastor Rick Warren lays out how to live a purpose-filled life under God’s guidance. This purpose empowers us to enjoy life the way God intended, make a difference in the world, and grow a deeper relationship with Jesus.

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