Explore Jesus: Things to Do

The “dare you” prayer

If God isn’t real, you have nothing to lose. If he is real, he’ll hear you. So we dare you to start praying this prayer every day for a few weeks at this point in your journey: “Jesus, if you’re real, please reveal yourself to me and show me the truth.” Then pay attention to conversations, ideas, and “coincidences” unfolding around you!


Manifest Mornings

It’s vital to explore the truth of Jesus with people who already know him. Our morning services are designed to help you explore faith in Christ as it relates to all kinds of life issues. We highly recommend committing to attend weekly for at least the next three months so you can truly absorb what Jesus is all about.


Read John’s Gospel… out loud

If you don’t have a Bible you can grab a free one at the Welcome Centre on Sunday and/or download a free Bible App called YouVersion for your mobile device. One of Jesus’ twelve disciples, named John, wrote a book about Jesus, called a “gospel,” which means “Good news.” We recommend taking ten full minutes a day to read through John’s gospel out loud, piece by piece. This might feel strange at first, but the Bible was originally designed to be heard, as many people couldn’t read. This one is also a dare!


Be sure to check out our other great Explore Jesus resources to watch and read.

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