The Explore Jesus Track

Welcome here! We believe Jesus Christ really is the Saviour of the world and is alive and well today. You may not share that conviction, but we invite you to explore who Jesus is and what he’s done by engaging with us through these experiences and resources.

It’s easy to drift through life curious about truth without doing anything practical about it. But if Jesus really is God in the flesh, if he really did die for the sins of the world, if he really did defeat death, and if he really does rescue people today, what could be more important than figuring that out?

This page will give you some practical things to do, read, watch, and try in your search for truth. We believe God will meet you where you are and guide you along the way.

Please don’t do this alone! We’re available to talk, answer your questions, and support you however we can.  Whether you want to go for coffee, send an email query, or sign up for any of our Study Experiences, email us any time at

The “dare you” prayer

If God isn’t real, you have nothing to lose. If he is real, he’ll hear you. So we dare you to start praying this prayer at this point in your journey: “Jesus, if you’re real, please reveal yourself to me and show me the truth.”

Manifest Mornings

It’s vital to explore the truth of Jesus with people that claim to know him. Our morning services are designed to help you explore faith in Christ as it relates to all kinds of life issues. We highly recommend committing to attend weekly for at least the next three months so you can truly absorb what it’s all about.

Start reading the Bible

If you don’t have a Bible you can grab a free one at the Welcome Centre on Sunday and/or download a free Bible App called YouVersion for your mobile device. The Bible is actually an inspired collection of 66 books. We recommend starting with a book in the Bible called John. As you read, pray the “Dare You Prayer,” then look for answers to this question: Who is Jesus and what does he offer?

Read Beloved

Beloved is the story of the Bible written as a true fairy tale. It will show you how much God loves you and give you a profound look at what Jesus did for you from a unique angle. You can get your copy of  Beloved FREE at our Welcome Centre.

Watch “Why Jesus?”

Watch an engaging video that unpacks why Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  Using humour, his own life story, and down-to-earth conversation, pastor Erwin McManus beautifully explains why Jesus is what our souls long for.

Attend a Story of God Study

The Story of God is a nine week study that will give you a great overview of the whole story of the Bible. Youwill walk away with a deeper grasp of who God is, why Jesus had to die, who Jesus is, and what it means for us today. Whether you are a believer or not, The Story of God is definitely worth experiencing. This course is offered each February. Email us at to register for the next round.

Books to Read: Available on Amazon or to borrow at our Welcome Centre

The Case for Christ

Lee Strobel, former legal editor for the Chicago Tribune, retraces his journey from atheism to faith by investigating the evidence for Jesus.

Dinner With A Perfect Stranger

A fictional (yet powerful) story of a skeptic who has a stirring conversation about faith with a baffling man who changes his perspective forever.

The Reason for God

Timothy Keller addresses common doubts about faith experienced by skeptics and believers alike to show that faith in God is reasonable.

By This Name

John R. Cross walks through the Bible section by section, helping the reader clearly understand the big picture, with fascinating historical details.

What Jesus did for us

  1. We all experience brokenness and pain in our lives, both because of the world around us and our own weaknesses.
  2. This brokenness is a result of our separation from God’s perfect love and design for our lives.
  3. We try to compensate for this separation either through self effort or by indulging our own pleasures. This life independent of God, following our own way, is called sin. Sin always leads to death, and the devil is more than happy to encourage this unhealthy pattern of futility.
  4. God knew we couldn’t fix our own problem, so he sent Jesus to die on the cross to pay for our failures, rise from the dead to defeat death, sin, and the devil, and send his Spirit to live within us forever.
  5. To receive the power of this incredible gift, we need to turn from our way of life without Jesus and put our trust in him as our Lord and Saviour instead.
  6. Set free by Jesus, we can go into the world to tell people about him and grow in his love.

How to Turn From Your Sin and Trust Jesus

Starting a new life in Jesus is simple. You can frame your prayer to him using three powerful words: Sorry, thank you, and please.

Sorry: Start by saying sorry to God for living your own way in your own strength. Say you are sorry for thinking you could save yourself. 

Thank-you: Next, thank Jesus for dying on the cross to pay for your sin and failures so you could go free. Thank-him for rising from the dead to give you new life powered by his amazing victory. Thank him for saving you and giving you the gift of eternal life.

Please: Lastly is please. Ask Jesus to come live inside you, fill you with his Spirit and take control of your life from now on and forever.


Next Steps: If you’ve turned from your sin and put your trust in Jesus, let us know right away so we can support you and guide you in your new life in him. Next up comes the Faith Foundations Track, but don’t try to make it happen alone. Please email us: 

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