The Explore Jesus Track

Welcome here! We believe Jesus Christ really is the Saviour of the world and wants you to experience his love and power. You may not share that conviction, but we invite you to explore who Jesus is and what he’s done by engaging with us through these experiences and resources.

It’s easy to drift through life curious about truth without doing anything practical about it. But if Jesus really is God in the flesh … if he really did die for the sins of the world and defeated death through his resurrection … if he really does rescue people today … what could be more important than figuring that out?

This page will give you some practical things to do, read, watch, and try in your search for truth. We believe God will meet you where you are and guide you along the way, and we’re available to talk, answer your questions, and support you however we can.  Whether you want to go for coffee, send an email query, or sign up for any of our Study Experiences, email us any time at

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