Now more than ever, our need for meaningful relationships for mutual support and encouragement is vital.

God created us as relational creatures. We are cared for, formed in, and sustained by community.

Manifest began not as a “Sunday morning service” but as a collection of people in a living room. Community is at the core of who we are, so if you want to become part of Manifest, you need to figure out how to connect with the manifest community. We like to think of this community as a “spiritual extended family.”

We’re far from perfect, but there are a number of ways you can connect with us, whether you live near or far: In-Person, Online, or a mix of the two.

Just know that whoever you are or whatever you struggle with, you belong here and we’d love to have you.

in-person community

Explore our local “big” in-person gatherings or Life Groups.

online community

Explore our online connections and community.

start a Manifest outpost

Live outside of Calgary (or locally) and would like to explore starting a Manifest outpost or ‘house church’ where you live?