Four Realities Every Person On Earth Needs to Grapple With

Mary, the mother of Jesus, is perhaps the most famous woman who ever lived. After all, she gave birth to Jesus Christ, the Messiah. But what if her story holds truths for us today, truths that could continue to release the presence of Jesus into the world?

Stress Less: The Souvenir Effect

In this video, Brad Huebert unpacks why “time-traveling” to the past and future creates so much stress in our present moment, and why Jesus is the best Time Travel Guide in the galaxy.





#forthewin: The Shepherd and the Wolf

In our #forthewin series, we’re learning how to live life to the fullest. In this message, Brad Huebert challenges us to invest in meaningful relationships centred around Jesus… because there is a wolf out there that wants to take us out.

Good News 101

Welcome to Good News 101, a two-part video series designed to help you understand the good news of Jesus (the Gospel) so you can apply it’s power to every area of your life and live life to the fullest like Jesus intended. Take the time to answer the questions throughout the video (it’s designed for a group setting but you’ll benefit from doing it yourself too).


I wish I’d Chosen Courage

In our Shoulda-Coulda-Woulda series, we’re learning to live with fewer regrets. In this message, Brad Huebert unpacks what’s at stake when we choose cowardice and how to live with courage from now on.