Radical Grace: Grace Givers

What if God’s grace is far more tangible, powerful, and sharable than we ever dreamed possible? What if becoming a steward of grace is at the heart of the Christian life and the key to changing the world?

Radical Grace: Judgment 2.0

Our world has gone JUDGE-MENTAL, and it’s so easy to get caught up in the accusation and condemnation madness. Learn about the nature of dangerous judgment and how to step into the inspiring power of Judgment 2.0. Kids, learn why praying to God is so important!

Stress Less: The Souvenir Effect

In this video, Brad Huebert unpacks why “time-traveling” to the past and future creates so much stress in our present moment, and why Jesus is the best Time Travel Guide in the galaxy.





Stress Less: The Five Indisputable Axioms of Time Travel

In this message, Brad Huebert unpacks the first two guiding axioms of time travel, giving us exceptional clarity about why we go off the rails in our thinking and how to fix it.

Lifeline: Intercession and Praying in the Spirit

In this practical and inspiring workshop Brad Huebert lays a biblical foundation for intercession and praying in the Spirit, offering practical tools for putting them into practice.

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