Breakthrough Sessions



Breakthrough Sessions are for people struggling with private personal issues who need help overcoming them. You don’t have to slog through this alone.

If you’re struggling and need some guidance, we can pair you up with Manifesters trained to help people just like you find freedom through Jesus Christ. We call this process Breakthrough Ministry.

During Covid, we’re offering these confidential sessions via ZOOM. Read to the bottom of this page to schedule a session or ask a question about Breakthrough sessions.

What’s Breakthrough Ministry?

Jesus came to set us free so we could truly win at life through faith in him. Breakthrough Ministry helps people experience the power and love of Jesus in their personal issues so they can be set free to love and follow him more completely.

Breakthrough Ministry isn’t counselling. Think of it as a life-changing conversation with God guided by caring people trained to help you hear from him. We keep each session confidential so you can rest assured what you share won’t be shared with anyone else without your permission.

If you’d like more information or would like to book a Breakthrough Session for one of your issues, please fill out this simple form.

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